LSV Senior Center

LSV Newcomer Tours on Wednesdays

Never been to the Senior Center? Been here, but don’t really know all that it has to offer? Come in any Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. and get a guided tour by a member of the Senior Center Advisory Council.
No appointment needed.   Just check in at the front desk by 10 a.m. on any Wednesday morning.

LSV Senior Center

Information on Disabled Parking

Did you know that Temporary Placards can be issued to Stickney Township residents with a temporary disability? More information here.
Trustee award

Trustee Receives Lions Club Award

Trustee Tony Guleiva recently received the Melvin Jones Award for his humanitarian efforts in the community from the local Lions Club. He was congratulated by his fellow elected officials and Supervisor Louis S. Viverito at the July Township Board Meeting.

Pictured are (front, left to right) Township Clerk Hector Cesario, Trustee Guleiva and Supervisor Viverito; (rear, left to right) Township Assesor Jay Grider, Highway Commissioner Dan Paluch, and Trustees Frank Pajak, Donna Galeher and Louise Zelinski

Rabid Bat Alert

Rabid Bat Found in Stickney, IL

BURBANK – On August 14, 2017, a bat was found in the vicinity of the 4200 block of Scoville Ave. in Stickney, IL. The bat was submitted for rabies examination. It was determined by the Illinois State Public Health Laboratory that the bad was rabid.

The Stickney Public Health District would like to remind residents to stay safe when bats are near. Rabies is perhaps the most well known disease associated with bats, however several highly fatal diseases have been linked to them. An exposure to rabies most commonly occurs when a person is bitten by a rabid animal. It can also be transmitted when the saliva from a rabid animal comes in contact with a person’s mouth, eyes, nose, or a fresh wound. Even if you don’t think you were bitten, but find a bat in your home, this can be considered an exposure.

Take these precautions to help minimize the risk of exposure to bats and their diseases:

  • Carefully examine your home for holes that might allow bats entry into your living quarters.
  • Any opening larger than a quarter inch by half-inch should be closed.
  • Use window screens, chimney caps, and draft guards beneath doors and attics.
  • Bats do not chew holes so if the entrance to the home is not there, they are easily excluded.
  • Have your dogs and cats on a leash when out of their homes, and be sure they are vaccinated against rabies. If your animal does not have a current rabies vaccination, have the pet immediately inoculated with rabies vaccine.

    When a person is exposed to rabies, timely administration of a vaccine called post-exposure prophylaxis can prevent infection. If you are bitten by a bat immediately wash the bite site with plenty of soap and lots of running water for a minimum of 10 minutes and seek medical attention immediately. If you were exposed to, or bitten by a bat, contact your doctor.

    Always remember do not handle bats. If you find one living in your home, if you find one dead on your property, or in the instance of a bat bite notify: Stickney Township Animal Control (708) 424-9200 Ext. 2187. To get more information about rabid bats please visit or

    farmers market logo

    2017 Farmers' Market!

    Opening day brought a steady stream of area residents to the Stickney Township Farmers' Market. Produce from the midwest was featured along with crafts and prepared foods. Aracely's Bakery offered up their award winning tamales as well as their tasty baked goods. McCarthy Farms brought a healthy selection of produce and area grown produce was presented by Six Generations Farmin' Local, Inc. Free blood pressure testing was offered by Stickney Public Health nurses and a representative of the Illinois Treasurer's Office was on hand to help residents track down monies that they may be owed. One resident discovered $300 during the Farmers' Market!

    The market will be open from noon to 5pm every Wednesday during the summer months.

    If you are interested in selling foods, produce or crafts at this year's market see our Farmers' Market page for more info.

    Stickney Community Art Program Offered

    Art classes for all ages are offered this summer through the Stickney Township Community Art Program.
    All classes are held at the Louis S. Viverito Senior Center
    7745 S. Leamington, Burbank, IL.
    More information, including a complete summer schedule, is available here. Please call to register

    Stroke and Heart Attack Screenings Offered

    The Little Company of Mary Health Education Center offers Wake Up Call Screenings one Saturday each month from 7:30 am-noon. This one hour comprehensive screening for stroke and heart attack could save your life! Includes CBC, chemistry panel, cholesterol panel, thyroid level, liver enzymes and more. Ultrasound of the abdominal aorta and carotid arteries, peripheral vascular screening, heart rhythm screening for atrial fibrillation. NEW this year!!! Screening for metabolic syndrome. Includes personalized visit with the wellness nurse educator. Fee $155 (value $4,000). By appointment only. Payment required at time of registration. First appointment at 7:30 am. To register and for more information call 708 423-5774.

  • kids on truck

    Truck Rodeo Held at Central

    Stickney Township sponsored a "Truck Rodeo" featuring some of the trucks used by the Stickney Township Highway Department to maintain area roadways. The event was co-sponsored by Andy's Custard. See more photos of the event here.


    One Person Who Came To The Farmers' Market Is $300 Richer!

    Joe McNicholas, a representative from the Illinois Treasurer's Office, staffed the i-cash station during opening day at the Farmers' Market. The i-Cash program is an effort to aid residents in searching the State's database of "lost" funds. Joe reported that by midday one resident had discoved $300 that the State was holding for them. Funds from insurance policies and other sources end up with the treasurer's office when businesses are unable to locate individuals to whom the money is owed.

    Aracely's Bakery. Award winning tamales, great muffins and fresh bread. Can it get any better?

    2017 Summer Fun and Pre-School Program
    More information can be found here.
    These Preschoolers graduated May 1st.