Highway Commissioner Daniel Paluch

Dan Paluch worked for the Highway Department for 10 years before becoming Commissioner. During that time he noticed an increase in abandoned and neglected lots. Since becoming Commissioner he has led an effort to clean up abandoned properties.

“In response to complaints," explains Dan,"we went above and beyond in going in and cleaning up these abandoned lots. It always bothered me that there were these properties that were an eyesore in the community. The lots aren’t really our responsibility but they were a mess.

When I was first elected Highway Commissioner I promised to clean them up and to this day we continue to mow and keep up abandoned lots to keep them from becoming overgrown again.”


Dan Paluch, Highway Commissioner, and Highway Department crew members pose prior to beginning clean-up on an abandoned lot in Stickney Township.
71st Pl before


71st Pl after

And after.

71st St. before


71st St. after

...and after.

Lorel before


Lorel after

...and after.

Welcome to the Stickney Township Highway Department

We Do Highways…

The Stickney Township Highway Department is responsible for the upkeep of the roads and highways in the unincorporated portions of the Township. We fill the potholes and provide minor pavement repairs.

And So Much More…

We Light Your Way

The Highway Department maintains and repairs the street lights in all of the unincorporated areas (alley lights however belong to and are maintained by ComEd) of the Township.

We Make Our Streets Safer for Pedestrians and Children

The Highway Department is responsible for all safety and crosswalk markings outside of the villages. We make it safer to cross the streets.

We Point the Way

Street signs are fabricated and installed by the Highway Department.

We Clear Your Streets

When the winds and storms come, the Highway Department clears the branches and cuts up the fallen trees. We provide a weekly curbside branch pick-up service from April 15 to November 1. We sweep the streets during the warmer months and plow the snow and salt them in the winter. In addition, we insure that the storm sewers are clear of debris to prevent flooding in your neighborhood.

But wait, there’s more…

Senior Bus Service

Mini Bus delivers patient to Hines VA Hospital.

Door-to-door mini bus service is provided by the Highway Department and is available for township residents 60 years of age or older, or under 60 and disabled. This program provides access to medical clinics, doctor's offices, shopping, congregate meal sites when available and other destinations. We typically provide 1,300 trips per month.

The buses are lift-equipped. Passengers who are unable to get to and from the bus will require an escort. A mini-bus pass is needed to ride the bus and each person may ride the bus on weekdays, round-trip to one destination, five times per week. This service is available on weekdays only. MEDICAL TRIPS ARE TOP PRIORITY. All reservations must be made at least before noon the day before you need the ride but cna be made up to two weeks in advance.

You can receive your mini-bus pass at one of the Offices on Aging located in any of the three township senior offices. Proof of age and/or disability and residency are required. After you receive your mini-bus pass, you may make a reservation to ride the bus by calling the dispatcher at (708) 424-9221.

Food Deliveries

For several months during the start of the pandemic, the Highway Department staff delivered additional meals to seniors in need through a grant program funded through the Stickney Township Office On Aging.

Highway Department drivers holding Caring For You sign.

Stickney Township Highway Department Drivers Serve Township Seniors

Throughout the current COVID-19 pandemic Stickney Township Highway Department drivers have continued to provide transportation to Township Seniors.
Highway department crew maintains veterans memorial

Stickney Township Staff Maintain Veterans Memorial

Since it's dedication on Veterans Day 1999, the Stickney Township Highway Department has maintained the Veterans Memorial located in Burbank. The Township is proud to oversee this year-around tribute to our area service men and women.
Kid in drivers seat.

The Stickney Township Highway Department has celebrated Township Day in Stickney Township by holding an annual Township Truck Rodeo at the Central Stickney Township Community Center.

The event attracts many school children from the nearby Shaz Elementary School who have an opportunity to explore the big trucks!

Clean Water is Everyone's Business

The Highway Department insures that storm drains are free and clear of debris that might cause street flooding. Run off from urban sources can also be a health concern. Here's what you can do to help:
10 Things You Can Do

More information on protecting water quality from urban run off can be found here.