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The Louis S. Viverito Senior Center

Comprehensive Senior Care

A case manager will conduct an in-home assessment to help older adults and caregivers determine what their specific needs are and what services may be available to meet those needs.  The case manager then develops a care plan with the older adult based on programs ranging from government funded community-based services to those that an individual can purchase with his or her own resources.  Ongoing contact with the Case Manager ensures that needs are being met.  Reassessments are conducted minimally on an annual basis and more often should the older adult experience changes in their health or environment. 

The Stickney Township Office on Aging Case Coordination Unit, authorized by the Illinois Department on Aging in 1983, is designed to help persons over 60 obtain the services needed to enable them to delay the need for nursing home placement. You may call us by phone, come to our office for an interview, or make an appointment for a worker to visit you in your home.  For further information please call (708)636-8850.