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Central at Night

Township Services

The Township provides essential services to the community, including Transportation and Highway Services, Health Services, WIC Program, Behavioral Health, Office on Aging, and Environmental Health Services.

See the Stickney Township Public Health District site for information regarding medical services, or phone the clinics directily.

South Clinic 708-424-9200 / North Clinic 708-788-9100

LSV Meal pick-up

Meal distribution at the Louis S. Viverito Senior Center is now in person.

LSV Senior Center

Information on Disabled Parking

Did you know that Temporary Placards can be issued to Stickney Township residents with a temporary disability? More information here.

It's Time For A Makeover At Stickney Township!

Room being remodeled at North Building.

Remodeling of the downstairs at the North Clinic building will provide updated spaces for clubs.

Remodeling of rooms at South Building

Remodeling at the South Building adds administrative storage and meeting rooms.

Uniper Service Turns Your Home Into a Virtual Senior Center

The Stickney Township Office on Aging, in conjunction with Age Options, is currently offering referrals to older adults for a free service called Uniper that brings the digital world to their televisions. Uniper brings a virtual senior center into the homes of Cook County residents 60 years of age and above.

To be eligible, a person must live in suburban Cook County outside of Chicago, be either 60 years or older, or be a caregiver. A Uniper team member installs a box that connects existing Internet service to a television, effectively turning it into a smart TV capable of streaming lectures, exercise classes, group meetings, entertainment, & FaceTime calls with family–all through a home TV.

Uniper Care is a leading provider of this age-at-home, TV-based and mobile-based solution for care delivery and social engagement. Uniper’s technology-enabled services include live and interactive health and wellness content, HIPAA compliant video Telehealth, remote assessments, family communication, and peer-led groups. Providing an end-to-end solution that transforms a TV or mobile device into an interactive connectivity hub, Uniper empowers every older adult to live a healthy and active social life full of interest and meaning from the comfort of home.

For more information contact the Stickney Township Office On Aging at 708-636-8850 or visit

June Mealsite Menu

A downloadable version can be found here.
Mealsite Menu

Seniors:Beware of Covid-19 Fraud

Seniors can be the targets of scams concerning the Coronavirus. Check out this Tip Sheet created by AgeOptions Senior Medicare Patrol to help identify fraud.Información en español.
Highway Department drivers hold Caring For You sign

Stickney Township Highway Department provides transportation services for township seniors.

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