Amy Dimas March, Stickney Township Assessor

Amy Dimas March
Stickney Township Assessor

"As Township Assessor I do not assess the value of properties for tax purposes, but I can be your advocate or middle man to help you address assessment issues you feel you may have."

The Assessor's Office is located at 6721 W 40th Street, Stickney, Illinois, 60402.

The Main Offce hours are from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday.
Please note that due to COVID concerns all in person meetings are by appointment only.

Phone: 708-788-9100

Stickney Township Assessor

The Assessor's office is currently helping constituents with Cook County Assessor Appeals for 2022 until December 9.

Services Offered By The Assessor

The Township Assessor’s office is available to assist you in many areas related to your property tax assessments. The Assessor will help Township residents better understand the assessment process and take advantage of money saving exemptions provided to all those who qualify.

You will receive help in completing exemption applications, filing property tax appeals, completing name-change requests for the County Treasurer’s office and many more services.

Our office provides the following services and many more to all township residents:

  • Complete name and/or address changes and property location corrections.
  • Assist residents in analyzing their Assessed value to ensure their property is not overvalued or undervalued.
  • If formal appeal is warranted due to inaccuracies, we will complete all forms, and file them with the cook county assessor’s office.
  • If an appeal is denied by the cook county assessor’s office, we will help prepare and submit documentation for the appeal process through the cook county board of review, and the property tax appeals board.
  • Complete and file senior homestead exemption applications and senior assessment freeze exemption applications.
  • Assist new residents in applying for a homeowner exemption.
  • Assist taxpayers in applying for the disabled persons’ Homeowner exemption and the returning veterans’ exemption.
  • Provide assessment information, property ownership, sales data, and permanent index number inquiries to residents, realtors, banks, attorneys, and appraisers.
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    Cook County Board of Review (BOR)

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    Cook County Recorder of Deeds

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