Central Clinic

The Louis S. Viverito Senior Center

Caregiver Specialist Program

The Stickney Township Office on Aging provides support for caregivers who spend much of their time looking after their elderly loved ones. Information and support are available to caregivers, helping them to reduce their stress and improve their situation. In some cases, a limited amount of respite care is available to enable caregivers to be temporarily relieved of their caregiving responsibilities.  The Caregiver Specialist is available for personal consultation, provides for educational opportunities and administers two support groups geared towards the family caregiver.  For more information call (708)636-8850.

Why Join A Support Group?
The advantages of joining a support group are limitless. Some of the best reasons to join include:

• Sharing common experiences and learning coping strategies
• Exploring and sharing solutions to problems
• Finding emotional outlets and receiving support from peers
• Forming new friendships and discovering a sense of community
• Developing new skills through education
• Helping others while still helping yourself

A caregiver support group provides information about helpful resources as well as generates camaraderie. Seasoned family caregivers can share their collective wisdom and help those who are less experienced to contend with the difficult aspects of  caregiving. Finding home care services, pre-planning legal affairs, applying for     financial help, or preparing to move a loved one into a care facility can all be daunting events, yet group members can help each other to take these steps.

There’s another important benefit that a support group can provide. People facing a similar experience need to find hope for the future, laugh about the “humorous” aspects of their lives, enjoy social activities and have fun together! What better group of people to connect with than those who walk in the same shoes?

Join us for refreshments and friendship at the locations below !

Louis S. Viverito Senior Center
Support Group
Date: 4th Tuesday of the Month
Time: 10 to 11 a.m.
7745 S. Leamington Ave.
Burbank, IL

North Medical Center
Support Group
Date: 1st Monday of the Month
Time: 10 to 11 a.m.
6721 W. 40th St.
Stickney, IL